Through the incredible and rare opportunity of having been able to spend most of my life living abroad on three different continents, culture has become a mode of communication for me, a sort of global language that has helped me understand, adapt, appreciate and move freely between different cultural realms.

Perspective has transformed art. A fresh pair of eyes and ears can do the same for any institution. Through my years of moving between different cultures,  I can help provide that change of transcultural perspective.

As a musician I can relate to the needs and goals of the most integral members of any cultural institution: its artists and performers.

Through my masters degree in Arts Management and my work experience in that field I can help create meaningful events and ensure you find the right venues, partners, artists, funding and sponsors.

As a graphic designer I can determine the right visual language to formulate the mission and vision of your institution both internally and to your target audiences.

I do.

I believe that without a clear vision, an organization is like a symphony without a score; lots of talent, but no direction.
I will work with you to empower your performance, to find out together what and who you are as an organization, what you genuinely do and do best and who you want to reach and engage with your work.

Arts Management
Visual Communication
Creative Programming
Concept & Strategy
Design Thinking
Clients served
Years of Experience


Neue Stimmen Gesangswettbewerb 2017 (Social Media and Digital Direction)

Unser Klassensong – Kreatives Lernen mit digitalen Medien (Project Management)

Ton & Erklärung Cellowettbewerb 2017 (Project Management and Communication)

Weltstars in Berlin – Kammermusik- und Klavierreihe in der Philharmonie Berlin (Project Management and Visual Communication)

*Not-Established Postindustrial Design Conference 2016 (Project Lead and Curation)

IKM Magazine (Lead Editor and Design)

HyperWerk Diplompublikation 2013 (Lead Editor and Design Direction)

ensemble mini (Project Management and Visual Communication)

Europa Galante (Tour Management)

Musikfest Bremen (Artistic Operations Assistance).